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Guilherme Dourart is a multidisciplinary artist based in Porto, Portugal that is obsessed in creating artifacts where the bizarre, surreal and the occult reigns.
Being born in the 90’s influenced him to explore art using a computer and since then he never stopped. The core of his work is digital, photography combined with digital painting techniques, but recently he started learning and perfecting his writing sculpting and woodworking to compliment his ideas and to help him create physical objects to be held and discovered.
With his art he wants to recreate the feeling of when you find an old treasure buried in dust in an antique store that you pick up, bring home and start to wonder how that object ended up in a place like that and how many stories it could tell. That feeling is pure magic. Images on frames are not the only thing he creates. Expect many hidden compartments, boxes and drawers waiting to be open. You never know what you will find out in Dourart’s world.


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