Why Guilherme Dourart is an unique artist

Here are some considerations about his work:

Guilherme Dourart has a very peculiar way of thinking.
Artworks are objects that adorn physical spaces that are important to us. They help to create a harmony, they make us think about things in various perspectives and they also have the power to make us feel safe and relaxed.
Art is like medicine for our souls and for that reason Guilherme takes his job very seriously.
He often compares his work to children because every piece he creates takes a long time to complete and in order for them to grow and be able to stand on their own he needs to give them all the love he has, that’s why he feels that they are all his children.

Everything is handmade

All aspects of the work are handmade by the artist. He feels that he needs to be involved in every process, since the concept of the artwork, passing by the woodworking phase and ending in making everything look as better as possible.

It is true, he creates everything: the artwork itself and also the frame that goes with it. For him, frames are as important as artworks and they can improve the overall feeling of the piece.
That is why he proudly signs not only the artwork but also the frame. This is done using jewelry tools to cut and shape metal.
When you collect one of his pieces you’re not only getting an object to decorate your home. In a way, you’re getting a piece of his soul. Guilherme dedicates many hours to his work. You can clearly feel this when you look at one of his artworks. The attention to detail is impressive.
The shape you see below is one of the elements that guarantee you are acquiring a Guilherme Dourart original. The other is a detailed certificate of authenticity that lives in a nice thick black envelope.
Never lose this certificate, it is very important that the artwork and the document stay close to one another. Once again the artist thought this through, every frame has a special place to hold the certificate in place.

Only premium materials are used

Guilherme Dourart only uses products that have certification.
The artworks are printed in acid free, museum quality, natural cotton paper. Cotton is the only white natural fiber. This means this paper is ideal for archival porpoises. Not only the artworks will last a lifetime but also it is great for the environment because no chemicals are used. The company chosen is Hahnemühle.
All signatures are made only with acid free inks as well, so he uses pens that also have archival properties. The preferred brand is Sakura.

Here are some details of his work


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